Friday, April 29, 2016

Small change, big look!!

I've been searching for a new desk chair for our family room...  We've used an extra kitchen chair for years...
I was lucky enough to stumble upon
 a great deal over at
(if you haven't been, it's a real treat)...
take a peek....
Isn't she lovely???
I'm liking how the slipcovered chair softens the desk...
I actually purchased 2!!...they're so versatile
I can use them in any room here or at the beach house!

This is the view from the kitchen...
you can see how the new chair blends
with the other furnishings in the family room...

Have a happy day,

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Stormville Flea Market 4/2016

A teaser of Spring Markets to come...
Some of the vintage items for sale at the
Stormville Flea Market this past Sunday!!
I'm looking forward to a spring filled with 
tag sales and markets!!

Have a happy day, Mariaelena 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

A painted piece: before it was the THING to do...

As I was spring cleaning our family room today it hit me that I painted this side table about 15 years ago.  I haven't retouched it once.  My mom gave this table to me when she was done with it.  She had picked it up at a tag sale and painted it herself about 20 years ago!!  
(she was painting pieces long ago...she'd paint you if you stood in front of her long   
When I inherited it from her, I painted over her forest green & yellow sponge paint with white.  I decided to give it an aged look by using a dark stain...
I rubbed it on and rubbed it off. 
 (and although I LOVE and often use the chalk paints, 
 I continue to use this technique today) 
  I still love this piece!  
And now it's sooo in!  
Just goes to show you that
 neutrals and whites last forever & maybe painted furniture will continue to be popular for some time. 
Take a peek...

Have a happy day!!
xo, Mariaelena

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WHITE ACCENTS: here, there & everywhere...

If you follow along, you know that I accessorize with white all over my home.  I love the simple, classic, clean look white brings to any decor. 
Here are just a few examples in our BURBS house...
take a peek!

Have a happy day, 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A quick spray!!

My friend gave me this idea around Christmas time when she used some old hydrangeas to decorate her tree.  Today I gave these old, dried, brownish hydrangeas a quick shot with some white spray paint to freshen them up...
take a peek!!


Have a happy day,

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Today I'm writing a quick pictorial post showing how neutrals & whites can be light and bright but definitely not boring...
Our living and dining room share one rectangular 
open space...
After 20 years in our home and lots of changes along the way this space has become my new favorite...take a peek!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

BOXWOOD...a great late winter filler!!

I needed a new filler for my tin pitcher
 on my dining room server...
As much as I LOVE the spring flowers that are already in the florist shops, it's still very much winter here in the Northeast, so I grabbed my snips and clipped some boxwood from our garden....
I'm thinking this is the perfect answer for the rest of winter...take a peek!

Artsy angle???

Have a happy day & remember it's never a bad idea to use what you have
& snip something from your garden!!

xo, Mariaelena